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NACE MR0175 316L Stainless Steel Seamless Chemical Injection Line Capillary Tubing

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NACE MR0175 316L Stainless Steel Seamless Chemical Injection Line Capillary Tubing

Meilong Tube manufactures high quality seamless and redrawn, seam-welded and redrawn coiled tubing which are made from corrosion-resistant austenitic, duplex, super duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy grades. 100% of products are used as hydraulic power control lines, chemical injection lines, alloy tubing in umbilicals and instrumentation tubing for the exploitation engineering in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Coiled tubing is available in sizes arrange from outer diameter 0.125 inch (3.175 millimeters) to 1 inch (25.4 millimeters). Wall thickness is up to 0.083 inch (2.108 millimeters). Lengths up to 65600 feet (20,000 meters) are available for cost-effective umbilical manufacturing. More sizes within the scope can be customized to be produced and delivered for meeting your special requirements.

Stainless steel 316L chemical injection line properties

Pierced (seamless) & floating internal plug redrawn tubing. Supplied in the annealed condition

Continuous length without orbital joint welds

AlloyUNSO.D.W.T.Working PressureBurst PressureCollapse PressureTest Pressure
Stainless 316LS316031/80.1250.0289,93140,9229,52511,600
Stainless 316LS316031/80.1250.03512,64052,04211,05615,225
Stainless 316LS316031/40.2500.0355,93924,4746,6217,250
Stainless 316LS316031/40.2500.0498,57235,3228,63210,150
Stainless 316LS316031/40.2500.06511,69448,16610,56213,775
Stainless 316LS316033/80.3750.0353,81815,7314,6594,350
Stainless 316LS316033/80.3750.0495,48322,5756,2226,525
Stainless 316LS316033/80.3750.0657,51730,9517,8658,700
Stainless 316LS316033/80.3750.0839,80840,3729,55111,600
Stainless 316LS316031/20.5000.0494,00316,4804,8355,075
Stainless 316LS316031/20.5000.0655,46122,5126,2066,525
Stainless 316LS316031/20.5000.0837,13329,3647,6488,700
Stainless 316LS316035/80.6250.0493,14412,9553,9573,625
Stainless 316LS316035/80.6250.0654,28517,6305,1055,075
Stainless 316LS316035/80.6250.0835,47222,5136,5196,525
Stainless 316LS316033/40.7500.0492,61910,7913,2962,900
Stainless 316LS316033/40.7500.0653,57014,6864,2834,350
Stainless 316LS316033/40.7500.0834,55818,7535,4315,800

  • Theoretical burst pressure based on minimum wall thickness, and minimum tensile strength
  • Theoretical collapse pressure based on minimum wall thickness, and minimum yield strength
  • Pressure rating at 100°F (38°C), neutral and static conditions

As more oil and gas extractions move into deeper and harsher waters where extreme offshore environments demand extreme safety, our work is to help you use the “right” corrosion resistant material for coiled umbilical tubing to improve the safety and reliability of your work. This is the power for driving our innovations and continuous development.

Suitable for Application Environment

A common resitance to chloride pitting, crevice corrosion, H2S and CO2, and chloride stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

Dimensional Tolerance for Chemical Injecton Line

ASTM A269 / ASME SA269, UNS S31603 (316L)
Size ODTolerance ODTolerance WT

1/8’’≤OD<3/16’’ (3.18≤OD<4.76 mm)

3/16≤OD<1/2’’ (4.76≤OD<12.7 mm)

1/2’’≤OD≤1’’ (12.7≤OD≤25.4 mm)

+0.003’’ (+0.08 mm) / -0

+0.004’’ (+0.10 mm) / -0

+0.005’’ (+0.13 mm) / -0




Meilong Tube Standard

Size ODTolerance ODTolerance WT

1/8’’ ≤OD<3/16’’ (3.18≤OD<4.76 mm)

3/16≤OD<1/2’’ (4.76≤OD<12.7 mm)

1/2’’≤OD≤1’’ (12.7≤OD≤25.4 mm)

+0.003’’ (+0.08 mm) / -0

+0.004’’ (+0.10 mm) / -0

+0.004’’ (+0.10 mm) / -0




Tests for Quality

Eddy current

Surface roughness


Dimensional analysis

Grain size

Rockwell hardness

Yield strength

Tensile strength



Positive material identification (PMI)

Corrosion resistance tests


Hydraulic control line is level wound coiled on the metal / wooden drums or spools.

All drums are packed in wooden crates for easy logistic operation.

Injection Diagram


Capillary coiled alloy tubing for chemical injection

Bare and encapsulated hydraulic control line coiled alloy tubing for subsea safety valves

Velocity strings, work strings, and steel tube umbilicals

Geothermal coiled alloy tubing

Additional Service For Encapsulation

The chemical injection line can be encapsulated with various polymers according to customers individual requirements, such as PVDF, FEP, TPV, etc. The encapsulation is for providing additional resistance to chemicals, wear, and high temperature. 

Available section for encapsulation: Round, square, rectangular.

Encapsulation Materials

AbbreviationGeneric NameTrade NameMinimum Installation Temperature of Encapsulation Materials
ECTFEEthylene ChlorotrifluoroethyleneHalar®-60°C
ETFEEthylene TetrafluoroethyleneTefzel®-60°C
FEPFluorinated Ethylene PropyleneTeflon® FEP-100°C
HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene
PFAPerfluoroalkoxyTeflon® PFA-100°C
PVDFPolyvinylidene FluorideKynar®-20°C
TPO-PPThermoplastic polyolefinSantoprene®-20°C

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