About Meilong Tube

About Meilong Tube

Meilong Tube, a developer and producer of high performance stainless steel tubes, nickel alloy tubes, as well as various thermoplastic elastomers encapsulated alloy tubes. All tubes are used as control & chemical injection lines in the oil & gas industry.


We have been single-mindedly devoted to help our customers fulfill – and even exceed – their productivity and performance expectations. In robust partnerships, we develop efficient and innovative solutions designed to their success.


Since Meilong Tube was established in 1999, our work have been based on product innovation, technology and close, long-term customer relationships. The unique expertise in tube production process are specially developed for most harsh and rigorous applications in the downhole or subsea environments.




We offer a wide range of highly engineered tubes based on an integrated production platform and extensive R&D as well as premium standard products.


Based on over 20 years of tube expertise and application knowledge, our products and services contribute to improve productivity, reliability and cost efficiency.



-       Stainless steel control & chemical injection lines

-       Nickel alloy control & chemical injection lines

-       Encapsulated control & chemical injection lines

-       Dual tube & triple tube flatpacks

-       TEC (tube encapsulated cables)



-       Material consultations

-       Advice in tube specifications based on an in-depth applications knowledge

-       Customized encapsulation sizes and flatpack sizes