Working At Us

Working At Us

High technological performance, international projects and honest working relationships – these are a few of the many reasons for choosing Meilong Tube to be your next employer.

We seek the most talented individuals – high-performing professionals who are the most competent, the most committed and the most engaged.

The Meilong Tube team is excited about what they do and where they work. We have created an inviting workspace. We offer a culture that fosters excitement, collaboration and innovation.

Our multiple locations offer a casual-dress workplace, complimentary food and drink, and “de-stress area” complete with joys.

The strengths of a company that is “driven by performance”:

> Many challenges
> Freedom
> Individual responsibility
> International diversity
> Professional development
> A foundation for the future
> Expertise
> Global market leader
> We are big, but not too big
> Personal recognition
> Camaraderie