About Us

About Us
We are a company manufactured the first one coil of hydrauli control line in China.

Meilong Tube manufactures high quality seamless and redrawn, seam-welded and redrawn coiled tubing which are made from corrosion-resistant austenitic, duplex, super duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy grades. 100% of products are used as hydraulic power control lines, chemical injection lines, alloy tubing in umbilicals and instrumentation tubing for the exploitation engineering in the upstream oil and gas industry.


Coiled tubing is available in sizes arrange from outer diameter 0.125 inch (3.175 millimeters) to 1 inch (25.4 millimeters). Wall thickness is up to 0.083 inch (2.108 millimeters). Lengths up to 65600 feet (20,000 meters) are available for cost-effective umbilical manufacturing. More sizes within the scope can be customized to be produced and delivered for meeting your special requirements.


As more oil and gas extractions move into deeper and harsher waters where extreme offshore environments demand extreme safety, our work is to help you use the “right” corrosion resistant material for coiled umbilical tubing to improve the safety and reliability of your work. This is the power for driving our innovations and continuous development.


Now Meilong Tube is devoting its capability to bring global customers most cost-effective tubing products through ensuring a comprehensive supply guarantee regarding the complete value-added chain in tubing production and is herewith the basis for the high performance in products and customer satisfaction.

Production facilities


l  Hot piercing mill

l  Pilger mills

l  Multi-roll rolling mills

l  Tube welding mills

l  Draw benches

l  Coiling machines

l  Controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace

l  Bright annealing furnace

l  Vacuum annealing furnace

l  Multi-roll straightening machines

l  Polishing machines

l  Pickling & passivation plant

l  NDT ultrasonic & eddy current testers

l  Hydrostatic tester

l  Radiographic examination

l  Full chemical and physical laboratory analysis